Gabriel Park Proposal

March, 2020

  1. Build 20'x30' single-story permanent "garage" structure w/overhead and service doors.
  2. To negotiate with PP&R: electrical/heat, slab, desire to match material of neighboring structures.
  3. PP&R owns building, so should own permitting ($201.65-$360.60 range for $8K-$25K structure).
  4. SWPTL owns construction and material procurement/donations ($7-10K).
  5. Lease option not discussed, but PP&R handles permit for land use, propose 5 year no-cost lease, followed by renegotiation.
  6. Temporary 20' shipping container to host library and store materials, 3 month duration.
  7. Most of Gabriel Park is sloped which will be a challenge for either a container or permanent slab. "lib1" location on map is an example that would require considerable fill dirt to align foundation with parking lot and other structures.
Map of four tool library site suggestions in Gabriel Park (locations noted as "lib1","lib2","lib3","lib4")

The first two locations are off the North parking lot, the third is in the island of the West parking lot, and the fourth is between the orchard and Winter dog park

location 1 location 2 location 3 location 4