SW Portland Tool Library project

Project Goal: To set up a tool library in the SW Portland quadrant, similar to those in other quadrants of the city, that will provide SW Portland residents access to tools. In addition, this library will also serve Downtown, NW and South Portland residents.
Service Area Map

Project Status: Projected to begin operations from container early in 2024.

Project Resources:

Location: West side of Bertha Viaduct Proposal to PBOT
Hours: 9am-2pm Saturday, plus one weeknight pending volunteers
Tools: Household/garden tools. No commercial use and no gas/explosive/hazardous chemicals. Add car/bike-specific tools per demand.
Lending Agreement: Lending agreement shamelessly cribbed from NEPTL
Objectives: Leaflet Business Plan
Google Group: https://groups.google.com/g/sw-portland-tool-library
Info Email: info at swptl.org
Next Monthly Meeting (4th Tuesday): 6:30pm March 26th, The Watershed at Hillsdale (community room)

Upcoming Work:

Other Portland Area Tool Libraries:

PDF (preliminary) map of Portland Tool Libraries

North Portland Tool Library
Northeast Portland Tool Library
Southeast Portland Tool Library
Green Lents Tool Library
East Portland Tool Library
Westside Watershed Resource Center - with Tool Request Form (Multnomah Arts Center)
Clackamas County Library of Things
Washington County (ie. Beaverton) Library of Things

Other Info:

Organization / Finances
Future Location
Historical Info
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